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The current Freedom Dogs’ volunteers and trainers are excited to have the opportunity to welcome new people who share our interests.  Freedom Dogs’ volunteers must be Renaissance men and women who have a wide range of skills and interests, not to mention a great deal of dedication.  The greatest personal resources a Freedom Dogs’ volunteer needs to have are time, patience, perseverance, compassion and an ability to work well with others.  Many people can train dogs; not all can work cooperatively with equals, respect and learn from coworkers, and provide compassionate, non-condescending yet firm guidance to people with disabilities.  These uncommon people are the ones Freedom Dogs looks for.

Since Freedom Dogs is designed to be a confederation of amiable and compassionate people who want to volunteer tremendous amounts of time and energy to help others, the tendency is to think of it as a casual, flexible, fun-loving entity – which, hopefully, it is. It is also, however, an organization that is in the business of improving people’s lives. As such, it has fiscal, legal, and moral obligations to donors, the government, the public, and it’s clients. While most volunteers focus on the hands-on work that is the reason for Freedom Dogs existence, it is also important to remember that it cannot continue to exist without people who “mind the store”. Correspondence, issue-specific research, fund-raising, marketing, policy development, policy adherence, reporting, legal counsel, bookkeeping, and handler/trainer/dog development tracking may be less glamorous but remain tremendously important functions that someone (and in certain instances – everyone) must fulfill.

If you are interested in training or volunteering with Freedom Dogs, send your request to We will send you information describing the opportunities and expectations related to the available positions. If you remain interested after reviewing this information, contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate person at Freedom Dogs to begin the process.

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