The Patriots Initiative and The Patriots Connection Accreditation

TPI Accreditation Decal -- Rectangle (White)


Also accredited by The Patriots Connection in San Diego.

We recently received this letter from The Patriots Initiative on Jan 30, 2018:

                We are pleased to advise you that THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE has completed its extensive re-evaluation process and is renewing the accreditation of Freedom Dogs, designating your organization as one of the nation’s finest nonprofits working to improve the lives and wellbeing of our nation’s military service members, wounded and fallen warriors, veterans and their families.

                TPI’s mission is to encourage and facilitate philanthropy.  It is our hope that this important accreditation earned by Freedom Dogs will further your mission as well.  

                Thank you for all the wonderful work that you and your organization do. Freedom Dogs will continue to be listed on TPI’s DIRECTORY as one of the most outstanding nonprofits serving our nation’s armed forces communities.


Ann-Cathrin Howard

Admin & Project Director


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ADI Accreditation Decal
TPI Accreditation Decal